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About Us

We Bought a Marina!

It all started with some beer and oysters on a hot summer day. 


Truly, that’s how this story began for us. We took a ride on our Harley

to Treasure Island to visit friends, and we gathered along the shoreline

to enjoy oysters over a fire, along with a cold beer.

I looked out over the canal and spotted boats lined-up in rows. I then

proceeded to ask Bob, “what is that over there?” He replied, “Well that

is Fair Harbor Marina.” He went into detail about the marina and the

events connected with the property. It was at this point Sue chimed in.

“Oh, by the way, it’s for sale and there is a wedding venue too.” I

paused, and turned to see the smile growing from one ear to the

other on my wife’s face. I didn’t have a chance to react before “OH REALLY?!” shot past my head.


I knew that this one statement had just started a chain reaction in my wife’s thought process. I must admit that I was also intrigued. This was in July 2018, and now I’m sitting here and the Grangers own a marina. So, like I said, beer and oysters.


Fair Harbor is a place for families, where Vern and Susan Nelson enjoyed their lives for 30 years. We plan to continue that legacy and expand on it in the future. The fuel pumps, opened in April/May of 2019 to the boating public once again.


The store is a place for guests to get ice cream on a hot summer day, along with plenty bags of ice, cold beer and wine. Guests will find great coffee and espresso in the morning. And yes, the shop will again carry merchandise ranging from art, pottery and linens, to chapstick and sunscreen.

The venue for wedding services will continue to be offered at Fair Harbor Marina.

We feel that the beauty of this place has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.


Cindy and I are looking forward to becoming a fixture in the community. The goal is to create a fun, memorable family environment for all. Our gift in return would be to have a young man or woman come up to us on their wedding day and tell us, “I used to run down those docks to get ice cream from you in the store when I was a kid!”

We are honored with the great pleasure of creating lasting memories, whether it’s from the new beginning of “I Do!” or “My mom and dad brought us here on our boat every summer!” We are glad to be part of such a wonderful story and look forward to welcoming the boating community.



Kelly and Cindy Granger, Owners
Fair Harbor Marina

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